The advantages of using photographs in PowerPoint presentations

Published: 24th December 2006
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A PowerPoint presentation is a great means of addressing a large group of people when having to give a speech of your services or your product. Sometimes it is better to use a visual presentation when giving your presentation as this is more effective in making people believe in you and your product. This is more so beneficial to prove your worth to people who need to see things to believe in it!

One of the best ways of giving the finishing touches to your presentation would be to use templates to get an idea of what suits you and your presentation. Then of course, to get even better results, it would be better to use stylish photographs in the PowerPoint presentation. You could choose photographs that you have already taken about your product or services. This is only possible if the existing photograph has any relevance to the matter you intend to give in your presentation. If you have no photographs, then it is better to take digital photographs with your camcorder, which you can then use in the PowerPoint presentation. The main reason for using photos in your PowerPoint presentation is to make yourself, your presentation and the information you give to the audience more valuable and memorable.

If required, you could also use the same photograph to be printed in handouts. Handouts are a great means of getting your message through to your audience. Instead of having handouts with only written matter on it, You could easily have a photo printed on it to make it more interesting and attractive to the audience. Having a photograph on the handout will make the audience better informed about you and your services, with the additional information that you also put in the handout, like your contact information.

Photographs are best used in PowerPoint presentations when the presenter needs to give visual proof, evidence or memories to the audience. Those who need to use photographs most in their PowerPoint presentations can be the people of the police force, classroom teachers, lectures and sometimes, big-time companies. The police will need to use photographs of evidence taken at places of crime to explain to their squad on the next steps to be taken in the investigation based on the clues obtained from the photographs. If photographs were not included in the presentation of the police officer, it would be quite difficult for them to interact with their team on the clues obtained at the place of crime.

Similarly, classroom teachers use photographs in their PowerPoint presentations when having parent events like open house or parent night events. They can develop presentations with automatically timed slide shows that run in the background. This way, the parent can interact with the teacher, while having a look at the activities their children do in their school. Field trips can be discussed better with photographs taken in the field trip being shown in the presentation for discussion on what was seen and learnt by the children. Another great idea for using photographs for PowerPoint presentations in the school would be having students scan stories and photos about themselves to be put together in a presentation for their parents to see on open house day! And to make children more motivated to participate in competitions, photos taken of the children in competitions could be used in presentations to the general public on the achievements of the school.

Like mentioned before, companies using photographs in their presentations provide the audience with some clue of what exactly the company is dealing with. Incorporating photographs in the presentation acts as sort of an advertisement for the company whereby the audience gets to know the actual product they may consider for buying. It is in other words, beneficial to add a photo in the PowerPoint presentation. So by looking at all these points, it can be indeed said that it is beneficial to use photos in the PowerPoint presentation. One thing has to be remembered, when using photos; it is advisable to use only photos related to the matter being given in the presentation. If there is no link to the text of the presentation, you may as well consider the presentation to be a failure as the attention of the audience is then diverted and lost! So use only relevant photos in the PowerPoint presentation!

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